Wellbutrin SR side effects

Wellbutrin SR

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Side effects.

Usually the aid has good tolerance. Rarely 0.1-0.01% of people who use Wellbutrin SR (bupropion) can have following reactions:

If the patient has high sensitivity to certain components, allergic reaction can be caused. Also sudden wheezing, pectoral regions obstruction, affection can occur. Edema, prickling and stupor of eyelid can be caused by using this aid. Rarely psoriasis occurs.

Dry mouth, gustatory sense disorder, anorexia, nausea, emesis and constipation were observed. Rarely jaundice and hepatitis was caused by Wellbutrin SR.

In certain cases attention concentration disorder, headache, vertigo, anxious depression, insomnia, irritation and depression were observed.

The drug can cause palpitations and hypertension. The frequency of this adverse effect is less than 1% so it's not significantly.

Change of sugar level in blood can occur.

This aid can cause muscle spasm, low back pain and weakness.

Also it can cause frequent urination.

If you feel one of the above-listed effects or other unusual effect after aid intake you should report to your doctor or pharmacist.


If overdose occurred you should consult with your doctor immediately or call emergency.

Dose miss.

In case you forgot to intake Wellbutrin SR pill, you have to intake next tablet at usual time. Do not double dose.


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