Testimonials I quit smoking

Jenny C.

Wellbutrin SR pills really help to stop smoking. I started to use them about two weeks ago. Itís awesome! I didnít want to smoke on the second day after. I almost forget to use these pills now. So thatís how I stopped smoking!

Sandra Y.

Hello. Just want to thank you. Great site and great service! I ordered Wellbutrin 3 weeks ago. Paid my order by Visa without any problems. After one day it was delivered which is so fast. It just made me happy. I took one tablet that evening and took another one. After I woke up next morning I realized that I just donít want to smoke.

I was smoking for 12 years about a pack of cigarettes a day. It was the first morning for 12 years when I just didnít want to smoke.

Now about 3 weeks passed and I still donít give up! Yahoooo! I hope I will never start smoking again. The main thing is wish. And Wellbutrin is a great thing to quit smoking.

Matthew B.

The main thing is your will. You have to want to stop smoking. Even wonder-working drugs wonít help without your will. Zyban is so efficient I know at least ten people who beaten this harmful habit with the help of Zyban. But there are a lot of directions which you have to follow. For example you should totally refuse cigarettes after fifth day of using Zyban but earlier you can smoke. So go on if you have patience!


Everything was great. Order and delivery went flawlessly. Iím fully satisfied with Zyban. Itís reliable aid for me to help stop smoking. I stopped smoking about several years ago with help of Zyban and now I decided to cure my husband. Thanks for your service.