How you CAN to quit smoking

When you will stop smoking...

...after 20 minutes arterial pressure will become normal, heart work will be restored, palm and leg blood supply will be improved.

after 2 hours nicotine will start removing from organism and youíll feel first discontinuance symptoms

after 8-12 hours oxygen level in blood will be normalized, carbon oxide after smoking will be totally removed, lungs function will be improved, air deficiency sense will go away

after 2 days sense of taste and smell will become better

after a week the color of face will be enhanced, skin and hair smell will disappear

after month it will be easier to breathe, fatigue and headache will disappear. Cough will stop disturbing you

after 2 months olfactory canals will be totally cleaned from resin and soot. Olfactory acuity will become ďbrighterĒ

after 3 months circulatory system will be improved which allow you to walk and run easier

after 6 months pulse will become infrequent. Also cough, dyspnea and breath problems will be decreased. Lungs function will be increased up to 10%, sport results will become better. You will run and swim faster

after 1 year the risk of coronary heart disease will be decreased twice as compared with smokers

after 5 years the risk of death due to lung cancer will be decreased as compared with people who smoke one pack of cigarettes a day. The risk of myocardial infarction will e decreased twice as compared to smokers.

What do you breathe when you smoke a cigaretteÖ

Smoking hardly came to our life. Itís generally acknowledged that smoking harms our health. But the humans have unique ability to forget undesirable information and to be blind on the facts, though. But we want to return to these facts.

So what is tobacco smoke?

tobacco smoke contains

Along with nicotine, tobacco smoke contains hydrocyanic acid, resin, argon, methane, hydrogen cyanide, benzpyrene, benzanthrene, potassium and polonium radioactive species, arsenic and aromatic multiring hydrocarbon. Only few realize harmful effect of carbon oxide. The following list shows all agents which make cigarette smoke dangerous: acetaldehyde, acetone, ammonia, benzol, butylamine, dimethylamine, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, ethylamine, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulphide, hydroquinone, methyl alcohol, methylamine, nickel compound and pyridine.

In addition, tobacco smoke contains psychoactive substances which are central nervous system addictives. They cause euphoria and dependence. In other words modern cigarettes are high-tech products developed for creating and supporting dependence. Itís all about marketing.

Scientific data confirms that nicotine use and nicotine affect on organism cause death, disease and disability. There is a great time lapse between smoking and diseases which were caused by smoking. Thatís why the reason of death usually isnít linked to smoking.

Currently cigarette kills about five million people all over the world. At the average every six seconds one person dies because of disease caused by smoking. And this rate will grow up to 10 million after 10 years if we will stay blind on facts.

All we want to advise is to stop smoking forever. But without a wish noting will happen. All in your hands! So you can choose to enjoy your life, breathe easily and freely or kill your organism.

Enjoy your life, breathe easily and freely and donít waste 20 times for 5 minutes of your life.


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