Nirdosh Cigarettes without nicotine


Nirdosh. Cigarettes without nicotine.

Nirdosh are not just cigarettes based on herbs. It’s a special Indian smoking inhaler which doesn’t contain nicotine. Nirdosh consist of natural vegetable substances only. All herbs which are used in Nirdosh are used in medicine too. Herbs help in lungs detoxification, digestion stimulation and sedative effect. With the help of Nirdosh you can easily stop smoking tobacco.

Nirdosh filter is made of vegetable components too. Maker states that they developed Nirdosh for 25 years to invent a new product which would not contain tobacco and nicotine and which would give the same pleasure as tobacco smoking.

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Each cigarette is made exclusively manually using ancient recipe. Nirdosh look like aromatic cigarettes called beedi which are wrapped in a Tendu leaf. Each cigarette contains only natural vegetable fiber filter.

Nirdosh positively affects on digestive and respiratory tract and improves immunity. You can use Nirdosh as stomach upset and alopecia treatment. Nirdosh improves not only general tone and concentration but throat clearance, helps to cure constipation and stimulates appetite. 

Numerous people can object and say that smoking harms human organism. But clinical tests showed that smoking within limits increase health. Therapeutic herbs positively affect your organism when smoking Nirdosh.

Nirdosh contains:

  • Basil – Ocumum sanctum
  • Clove – Syzygium aromaticum
  • Liquorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra
  • Turmeric - Curcuma
  • Gangal (Galangal) - Alpinia officinarum
  • Tendu Leave –local name of Diospyros family plant
  • Indian Cinnamon – Cinnamomum verum
  • Bishops weed - Aegopodium podagraria
  • Indian Bdellium – Commiphora wightii

Nirdosh cigarettes contain exclusively therapeutic herbs and plants collected in ecological regions of Southeast Asia.

Further information will be helpful for those who want to stop smoking tobacco:

During thousand years many cultures used these herbs for smoking ceremony. Later this ceremony became just a smoke break. Instead of herbs the people started to smoke toxic tobacco.

The person smokes about 10-20 cigarettes a day and sometimes he smokes more. This smoke is very toxic. Nirdosh are not toxic but have medicine effect as compared to usual cigarettes.

If you have any problems with nicotine dependence, try to stop smoking using Nirdosh.  If you have mental smoking dependence and you can’t imagine the party without a cigarette, Nirdosh is a great problem solution. You smoke and enjoy but not harm your health.

Also you can smoke Nirdosh at the end of the day to relax and to be distracted. Nirdosh can be used as wet cough inhalation in winter period.

  • At first try to alternate Nirdosh with usual cigarette. This will decrease amount of smoked tobacco significantly.
  • At second try to fully change to Nirdosh product by replacing tobacco with it.

By using Nirdosh inhaler you will not just get rid of harmful habit but you will restore your health.

The people enjoyed smoking during thousands years. Smoking is a social and traditional relaxing process. Nirdosh is the way to enjoy smoking without unfavorable consequences.


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