How you CAN to quit smoking

Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion) is conceptually new drug, which will help you to stop smoking quickly and without any problems.

9 reasons to purchase Wellbutrin SR:

  • Wellbutrin SR - it's the first drug for nicotine dependence therapy not containing nicotine.
  • It's efficiency and safety of the tobacco addiction treatment was tested in clinical researches in which took part 7 thousands patients.
  • This drug is patented and successfully cures people for more than 20 years.
  • In 2007 Wellbutrin became the fourth most widely-distributed aid for treating depression and tobacco addiction in the USA. It was written out more than 20,184 mln. prescriptions.
  • You do not need strong will power to stop smoking. You just take a pill, and it reduces organism's dependence to nicotine and blocks up the desire to smoke.
  • For 20 years more than 10 000 000 people took this drug (only as tobacco addiction treatment)
  • Thanks to specific product form (prolonged release tablet), Wellbutrin is safe and easily tolerated aid.
  • Wellbutrin is one of few similar drugs which do not cause sexual dysfunction.
  • Wellbutrin do not affects heart ductance and do not cause postural hypotension.
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Wellbutrin (Wellbutrin and Zyban are independent trademarks of Bupriopion stop smoking aids) affects the tender biochemical mechanisms which form nicotine dependence in certain brain structures. In addition, it's a nicotinic substitution. It can sustain fixed and minimal concentration of nicotine in the organism. Besides, this aid can keep in check such adverse symptom as an increasing body weight, after the patient stop smoking.

Pharmacological aids play one of the important roles in nicotine dependence symptoms relief. Pharmacotherapy use is the key moment of the multicomponent help to tobacco addicted patients.

Wellbutrin SR affects directly on the mechanism of formation of nicotinic dependence, it infleunces with dopaminergic and/or noradrenergic conduction paths. Exactly these paths contribute in the formation of nicotine dependence and withdrawal syndrome. Specific product form (prolonged release tablet) makes Wellbutrin safe and easily tolerated.

Aid's therapeutic action begins before the patient stops smoking. During its use the desire to smoke considerably reduces. Wellbutrin keeps in check weight increasing after the patients stopped smoking. Wellbutrin - is the first drug in complex therapy of smoking, it differs fundamentally from products of the nicotine substitution therapy, it blocks up the desire to smoke, reduces intensity of the withdrawal syndrome: impatience, apprehension, difficulties in attention concentration, anxious feeling and depression.

Wellbutrin is the preparation for nicotinic dependence treatment for 18 years old people and older who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day. Wellbutrin helps people with strong nicotine dependence and reduces risk of serious complications development.

We guarantee 100% ultra-high quality of Wellbutrin (Bupropion ) stop smoking pill, which is represented on our site.

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Wellbutrin SR pills really help to quit smoking. Jenny C.

Wellbutrin SR pills really help to quit smoking. I started to use them about two weeks ago. It's awesome! I didn't want to smoke on the second day after. I almost forget to use these drugs now. So that's how I stopped smoking!

Wellbutrin help me stop smoking Sandra Y.

Hello. Just want to thank you. I ordered Wellbutrin 3 weeks ago. Paid my order by Visa without any problems. After one day it was delivered which is so fast. I took one pill that evening and took another one. After I woke up next morning I realized that I just don't want to smoke…

Zyban is so efficient. Matthew B.

The main thing is your will. You have to want to stop smoking. Even wonder-working drugs won't help without your will. Zyban is so efficient I know at least ten people who beaten this harmful habit with the help of zyban…